Exclusive Interview of Tathaagat Shukla

Here’s everything you need to know about the social media sensation for youth – Tathaagat Shukla :

Tathaagat Shukla from Surat, India is an extremely talented Actor, Comedian, Entertainer & an IT Engineer.

Inspired by his Parents, Tathaagat has been working as a theatre artist since he was 4 years old. Tathaagat decided he wanted to use his talent for putting Smiles on people’s faces , thus he started creating & uploading videos & vines which are so funny, you would literally Roll On Floor Laughing. Started around 14 months ago, Tathaagat is currently one of the Top entertainers in India with more than 167k followers on Instagram & 350+ videos produced, acted & uploaded on social media. He brings us doses of laughter daily. Tathaagat comes from a family who have  always loved acting & considered it as their passion.

How do you create vines?

“Firstly, I  brainstorm the Concept for the video, followed by Shot Making, Shooting & Sound Editing. Coming up with a great concept can take upto 5 months or 5 minutes, it’s time is always uncertain. Then I release a Preview & consult my group for suggestions. Thereafter I Re-edit the Video accordingly & Publish. I perform all these steps by my own.Publishing a video doesn’t take more than 2:30 hours.”


A message for the one’s who aspire to become an actor :

“You don’t need to join an acting school to learn acting. Watch movies & observe how they act. Jo bhi seekhna hai YouTube se seekho, khud karo . Be Creative, think about ideas & acts & put them into action, do something new, that’s the best way you can learn acting. Always be prepared for rejections & learn from it. Most importantly you need to have a strong career that would help you in facing the struggles of becoming an actor just like John Abraham who is a successful actor but he is an MBA as well”

Awards :

1. Best Director : SMC DRAMA COMPETITION 2013 .

2. Best Child Actor : SMC DRAMA COMPETITION 2011

3. Best Child Actor : SMC DRAMA COMPETITION 2007

4. Best Directed Short film : 2012

5. Best Drama : Verve 2012

6. Best Short film (2nd) : Kshitij 2012


Wanna Watch the Funniest Videos or Contact our Favourite Entertainer ? :-

Youtube : www.youtube.com/c/TathaagatShukla

Facbook : https://web.facebook.com/Tathaagat/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tathaagat/

Snapchat : @TksssTksss

Twitter : @Tathaagat

E-mail: tathaagat.sms@gmail.com

Statup Talez wishes you Good Luck. Your work is outstanding & we love you. Keep putting Smiles on our faces with your Vines. 

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  1. Sanky says:

    Super duper rockstar. A true entertainer. Pride of Surat.

    Liked by 1 person

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